Window Air Conditioners Are Effective, Compact And Inexpensive

Air conditioners are old-timers among climatic equipment, which provide comfortable conditions for living. The first window air conditioning system was invented in America in 1930s. Such devices became widespread at once due to their simple design, low price and rather high power, thus making the cooling of individual rooms possible.

Window air conditioners are the most common type of air conditioning units. It is also the most cost-effective solution of the microclimate problem, though it’s the oldest one. One unit combines all the elements: compressor, heat exchanger and fan. To choose the right window air conditioner, to define the most appropriate type of device, the manufacturer, and consider all the requirements, moreover to have the quality meeting the price, you should consult a specialist.Though, you can find the optimal solution by yourself, having taken a rapid glance at your house.

Today, window air conditioners are becoming less popular then wall split-systems. And it happens for several reasons. These air conditioning systems are indeed, much noisier than split-systems and they significantly reduce the daylight area. But, besides some disadvantages, window air conditioners have decided advantages. The main advantage is reasonable price. Another important factor is easiness in installation and relatively small amount of Freon in the system. Modern device models provide intensive ventilation and air conditioning, and are characterized by economical operation.

The Advantages of window air conditioning units: opticlimate


  • They are cheap.
  • Compact.
  • Sometimes provide partial ventilation.
  • No installation required.
  • Easy transportation from place to place.
  • Suitable for apartments, summer cottages and offices.
  • Window air conditioner can be easily installed in a shop on wheels.
  • Another important advantage is long lifetime: window air conditioners seldom get to a service center, mostly after many years of usage (the simpler the system – the more reliable it is).


The disadvantages:


  • High noise level.
  • They block a part of the window, stealing the daylight.
  • The window frame must be altered.
  • You can not block the air conditioner with curtains for example; otherwise the comfort will be created between the window and curtains, but not in the room.
  • Less effective in a larger room.
  • Sometimes price is much the same as of the split-system.


One must admit window air conditioners design more compact and reliable, compared to split-system. Window air conditioning system consists of a single case. This so-called monoblock is mounted into the window opening or wall. The conditioner case is a big box, assembled from metal plastic panels of white, gray, light brown or other pastel colors. All the filling of indoor and outdoor units of split-system (evaporator, condenser, compressor, fan, etc.) is inside the case. There are no any external connecting tube

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