Some Common Skateboarding Phrases

If you’ve ever conversed with a hardcore and dedicated skateboarders, then you know that, sometimes, they use terms and phrases which don’t often make sense. Now, it’s not that they’ve been taken over by a poltergeist and are now speaking in tongues. Rather, over the years, skateboarding has developed its own culture and lingo. However, what makes skateboarding so unique is that, it has shifted from a small corner of pop culture into mainstream popularity. Nowadays, people take up skateboarding for a whole myriad of reasons. Whether it’s to get in shape, to have fun, or even to pursue it as a profession, skateboards have taken over the world like so few crazes before it.

Keeping that in mind, there are some words and phrases which are common to skateboarders. Some of these words are used to describe certain and specific tricks and stunts that boarders commonly and routinely pull off. On the other hand, some of these sentences and nomenclature are utilized in describing certain components of the skateboard itself. Of course, as with learning any new – for all intents and purposes – language, you simply have to be able to match the word with its definition. Of course, that is always easier said than done. But, to get you started, here are some of the more popular words and phrases that are prevalent in the skateboarding culture and world.

Decks: Skateboarders use the word decks to talk about the actual skateboard itself. electric skateboard spares

Trucks: When a boarder mentions the word truck, what do you think about? Trucks are the part of the skateboard which connect the wheels to the actual board itself. Try to think of trucks as the axles of the car, and you’ll get a strong visual representation about what trucks actually are.

Grip Tape: If you’ve ever looked at a skateboard, then you’ve probably seen a sandpaper like surface affixed to the top of the deck. That’s grip tape, and its purpose is to prevent boarders from slipping all over the place while standing and moving on the skateboard.

Air: Upon a first and initial glance, when someone mentions air in the context of skateboarding, one might think that air involves performing a high-octane jump. Of course, that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Air really means to ride along on your skateboard normally – just rolling along, doing nothing.

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