Modern DIY Chicken House Building Plans

The traditional “chicken house” has come a long way in the 21st century. Now it’s easy to construct a fully featured, modern looking coop completely from scratch. There are an assortment of chicken house building plans available both online, and in the “real” world. This article gives you an overview of your options, and helps get this very practical DIY project moving for you.

3 Chicken House Styles

There are obviously more than only 3 chicken house designs. However, this article focuses on detailing the 3 most common, and easiest to construct. They all contain some modern features, but require differing amounts of financial and time investment.

1) The Large Chicken Shed – This is the most simple of the 3. It is shaped much like a box with a pitched roof, and has 2 large hinged doors, much like your kitchen cupboard. This style is great for those of you who have free roaming chickens in your backyard, and only require a place for them to nest and lay. staircase supplier

2) The Traditional Hen House – For those who are looking for a more comprehensive design, the traditional style is still one of the best there is. It’s big, beautiful, and includes a large, secure chicken run. You’ll probably want to enlist the help of a helper for this design, as it’s quite large. Still, it’s easily possible with one person if you know what you’re doing.

3) The Chicken Barn – The biggest of the 3 is for the very serious chicken breeder. It features an egg collection system that is attached to the bottom of each nest. As the eggs are laid they fall down into an external box, which means all you have to do is open the lid and fetch them! This style also includes a large chicken run area.

Acquiring Building Materials

The best chicken house building plans are nothing without high quality materials. However, instead of running straight away to your local lumber yard, think about any friends or family members who might be able to help you out with some bits and pieces. In these difficult financial times, you’ll soon know the meaning of “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”.


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