Inexpensive Cat Toys You Have at Home

If you are an experienced cat owner you will surely know that they don’t need to be trained like dogs and therefore are easier to look after and maintain as pets. Even though they are independent they still like to be around humans due to the attention they get in terms of food and shelter.

Many pet owners prefer cats due to their independence and personality, and also due the fact that their owners don’t need to spend a lot of time with them. On the other hand, dogs need to be trained to defecate, urinate and they need to be cleaned and washed regularly!

It’s not easy! We’ve all heard of people buying puppies then not being able to look after them.

Cats, on the other hand, “know” how to empty their bowels and do so in discrete places away from the people. They clean themselves thoroughly and therefore don’t need to be washed regularly like dogs. They are generally easier to maintain.

One common notion is that cats are lazy, but the fact of the matter is that people have made them lazy by providing all their essential needs. If you observe cats in poor countries you will see that they look malnourished and are busy surviving by searching for food, they don’t have time to play and lounge around! Scratch and Purr

So what is left for pet cats who have been endlessly pampered? They need to do something, don’t they?

Well, for one thing, they like to play. Kittens can be seen playing with various things in order to practise and develop their instinctive hunting skills. They can be seen chasing or trying to catch birds even though they are not hungry. For pet owners, watching cats playing can be fun to watch. Also, buying toys for cats may help them strengthen and improve their physical abilities.

Due to this, demand for cat toys in the western world has become a big market where many big players are making a lot of money.

There are many cat toys which can be found on the market. Some examples include: toy mice, crinkle balls, squeak toys, chew toys… the list goes on. Some of these toys may be scented with catnip which is a hallucinogenic drug, we recommend that these should be avoided due to many reasons including the, obvious, ethical one. Any toys that you buy should be scrutinized carefully to make sure they are safe for the animal. In most cases, any branded and well known cat toy should be safe but always try to be educated about these things.


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